What Is The Difference Between Granite And Marble

1. Material hardness difference

Marble can be scratched with a knife or nails, but granite is not easily scratched by these. Because granite has a hardness of 6 to 7, and marble has only 3-5, marble is softer and granite is harder.

2.Stability difference

Marble stability crosses, granite has good stability. Therefore, marble is easy to deteriorate under the influence of sunlight, rain, wind and ultraviolet rays, while granite is difficult to change.

3. Difference in chemical reaction

Marble is more afraid of chemicals, and granite is relatively stable. Marble is especially afraid of acidic and alkaline chemicals, and its resistance to acid and alkali is particularly poor. This characteristic determines that granite should be used instead of marble for kitchen countertops.

4. Differences in defects

Marble has various stone defects such as cracks, plaques, holes, and color differences, while granite is relatively good. The defects of marble determine that marble is suitable for interior decoration, and is rarely used for outdoor and high-altitude decoration. Otherwise, once the marble falls due to cracks and fractures, the consequences are unthinkable.

5, wear resistance difference

Marble has poor abrasion resistance, while granite does the opposite. Therefore, marble is rarely used at the entrance of buildings, public places, otherwise the marble surface is very easy to wear and scratch, and loses luster.

6.Difference in deformation resistance

Marble is volatile, and granite is very resistant to deformation.

7. Differences in weathering

Marble is prone to fading, fading, weathering and other phenomena. This thermal property determines that marble is best not to be used as decoration for common outdoor light and rain, or it will lose its beauty after a period of wind and rain.

8.Intensity difference

The strength of marble is low and the strength of granite is high. This feature determines that the ground decoration is best to use granite instead of marble, especially in airports, large shopping malls, subway stations, high-end hotels, and hotel entrances with very high traffic.

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