50 Strong Real Estate Predators 9. 28 Gathered Head For What? And Why Are They The First To Profit

50 strong real estate predators 9. 28 gathered head for what? And why are they the first to profit?

2017-09-07 Fujian Stone Net

Why do bigwigs gather?

Hengda Group, SUNAC group, Vanke Real estate, real estate investment, real estate, construction real estate, Shimao real estate, real estate, Huarun Wan Da Longxin group, four of Nantong, Beijing River wall……

September 28th, these real estate construction predators, the upcoming Group head!

They will be "trust, cooperation and win-win" as the theme, and China's granite plate purchasing platform of nearly 200 settled in mining enterprises, around the "China granite supply and demand" depth dialogue. By then, there will be well-known domestic real estate "big coffee" as a guest speaker to visit the scene.

Not only that, the Real Estate Company, architectural decoration companies, curtain wall design company guests representatives will bring their existing orders, and nearly 200 settled mining enterprises will also become the first profit maker.

This is the platform for centralized purchasing of China's granite slab, fulfilling its commitment to her first batch of followers!

More opportunities to join the platform!

Data highlights charm.

The establishment of a short period of 2 months, "Chinese granite in the centralized procurement platform" conquered from property developers, decoration companies, designers, granite mine owners, financial services platform, supporting the processing manufacturers in the whole industry chain businesses, especially many downstream industries.

At present, there are more than 100 well-known Real Estate Company, architectural decoration companies, curtain wall design company in understanding the platform, showing a strong intention of cooperation. And decided to settle down platform granite mining enterprises have close to 200.

To paraphrase President Xi Jinping at the recently concluded BRICs meeting: "not to move whose cheese, but to make the cake bigger.".

This is also the original intention of China's granite centralized purchasing platform.

China granite platform purchasing platform

In China granite centralized procurement platform is currently the country's first professional exhibition and sales promotion for granite integrated service platform, service the majority of granite mining, real estate, decorative design company, well-known designers, stone processing enterprises, by a large force of the support of the government, and the introduction of industry associations and financial institutions, really solve the production, sales and the return of funds three pain points for granite mine.

Strong business advantage

Build a gold sales platform for the mine owner

(world class business visibility, infinite) China granite in the centralized procurement platform is located in the famous Chinese stone city, the world stone, stone exhibition center has the only world-class head.

(strong supporting the needs of the 3500 stone factory) gathered in the strong function of industry driven, head has over 3500 marble processing factory, has advanced equipment, a large number of perennial supporting granite processing products, this powerful and complementary industries will be the main granite mine brings infinite sales opportunities.

(International Stone Fair, every year 150 thousand people gathered in China granite) centralized procurement platform has global stone exhibition center, more than 3000 square meters of Granite selection varieties (World Expo exhibition focused on the long-term period directly as booth), and Chinese (Nanan) Shuitou International Stone Fair perfect combination, 150 thousand people gathered information flow, mass procurement perennial sale, never ending.

(1000 alliance, in addition, with the interactive platform) is designed for granite mine tailored exhibition area, 40000 square meters are large scale sea blocks and yard Yiqun reserves, combined with thousands of Real Estate Company, decoration design company, set 300 industry enterprises at the same time opening, truly realize "manufacturers selling" one-stop "purchase sales platform.

(revolutionary) platform set up "operation system of a real business, for a" real estate designer zero distance, multi dimension material, special person for the Real Estate Company bigger projects do customized procurement planning, customization, cost savings for Real Estate Company, improve market stickiness, security market granite mine.

Powerful financial supporting system

Build a fund safe for the mine owner

(authority, professional security bill) in China granite centralized procurement platform to solve industry problems – the return of funds is difficult problems, specifically the introduction of a number of financial institutions, banks, Real Estate Company for miners, trading custom authority, professional exchange, credit financing reached a cooperation, to protect the security of mine later to return the funds, effectively solve miners and merchants short-term cash flow problems, build a healthy development of the industry district (strong finance reserve).

High value and super convenient trading platform

Build a convenient business chain for the mine owner

(the least money to find the best sales channels) China Granite board purchasing platform is designed to build a high-value granite granite, super convenient sales platform. Low cost settled, enjoy 10 full platform accurate service from the booth decoration to the full range of online and offline promotion, build from the global resources docking promotion to sales channels, from the project to the grafting face to face to do business, to achieve "integration" services, let mine real feel "here, stone business is so simple!"

A China largest granite supply chain

No China head 11.8-11 Stone Fair

No 365 days never ending Exhibition

Now a 600 thousand square board, 60 thousand cubic blocks long spot

A designer, real estate, foreign trade operators, wholesalers concentrated purchase platform

A long line of Internet marketing platform

A modular, standardized change stone supply chain model

No head stone fair government key projects

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