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A New Technique For Processing Granite Waste Into Granite Tiles

A new technique for processing Granite waste into granite tiles

With stone industry development, stone processing enterprises remaining stone waste (waste and scrap) more and more, especially after sawing stone powder produced, while taking a water treatment and two precipitation, waste piled up, days and months multiplying, powder, long time not only occupies the land, but also cause serious environmental pollution now, as a long-term problems restricting the development of enterprises.


Although China's stone industry of stone waste utilization of time is not very long, but China's stone practitioners have developed various methods using stone wastes and powder. It is an advanced technology to make synthetic granite slabs by using natural granite and stone waste.


Repeatedly for processing natural granite floor and wall decoration materials and stone tombstone. And in granite quarries and processing plants, a large number of granite and stone waste materials are abandoned every day because of the lack of effective use, resulting in waste of resources.


, a natural granite stone waste prefabricated granite ingredients


1, granite stone waste


For the use of granite waste, to be crushed to a certain grain size. After crushing, the particles were assembled according to the following particle size: 1.2mm of particle size of 25%~30%, 2.5mm of particle size of 25%~30%, 5mm of particle size of 20%~30%, and 25%~50% of particle size of 10mm. The composition shall be no less than the particles of the above 3 sizes.


2, hydraulic binder


Hydraulicity cementitious material is a kind of inorganic curing agent, the best hydration characteristics using high strength, good durability, can be effectively cured granite particles of slag, the hydration mixture can produce dense. Specifically, if the production of prefabricated granite floor blocks, not only requires the use of cementitious materials with weather resistance, acid and alkali resistance, wear resistance, and its hardness should be consistent with the crushed granite. Because of the different hardness of diamond abrasive grinding, because of its surface roughness differences, resulting in uneven light reflection effect, after grinding gloss, also cause wear surface particles parts of cementitious materials with uneven parts. In order to obtain the same color as the natural granite, the amount of coloring material in the cementitious material can be added. In short, the cementitious materials selected according to the following conditions: at room temperature curing, high strength, compressive strength is 70.0~10.0MPa, flexural strength reached 9.MPa; good freeze-thaw resistance; good wear resistance; erosion is subjected to various chemicals, showed good durability and long-term stability. The weight ratio of hydraulic cementitious material to granite particles is 1:2~3.


The production process two, natural granite stone waste synthetic prefabricated granite slabs


In the size of the vertical pouring mould, according to the required size configuration of two pieces of stainless steel plate was divided into 3 layers, prefabricated granite surface layers containing a mixture of waste concrete granite particles formed in the middle layer pouring in the new pouring mixture without granite particles forming the two layer formed at the bottom of the casting then, out of two partition between dry forming, water curing, demoulding, diamond cutting tool by forming blocks of the central office, and then grinding mold box can also be arranged several of the same size, in the mold respectively with two partitions of 3 layers, which can produce more disposable prefabricated granite stone.


, three natural granite stone waste synthetic prefabricated granite slabs production examples


Example 1


1, mixture


Hydraulic binder 600kg


Mixing water 1101


Crushed granite 1800kg


, 2 pieces of granite ratio%


Size 5mm 50


Size 2.5mm 25


Size 1.2mm 25


The raw materials in a mixer, mixing 2min, add water and 1% light agent (in water weight), stirring 4min, mix into mixture, uniform injection mold, with vibratortamping, then add water curing 14d, stripping, polishing, measuring the compressive strength, gloss and hardness.


Example 2


1, mixture


Hydraulic binder 800kg


Mixing water 1291


Crushed granite 1600kg


2, with Belgium% crushed granite


Size 1.2mm 25


Size 2.5mm 25


Size 5.0mm 25


Size 10mm 25


The raw material in a blender mixing 2min, adding water and defoaming agent 0.1% (by weight of cementitious materials.) stirring 4min, mix into mixture, injection mold, using vibratortamping, water conservation 14d, stripping, polishing and then measuring the compressive strength, gloss and hardness.


, ending four


From the waste particles and water hydraulic cementitious materials mixed casting with different particle size of natural granite stone, can produce gloss, hardness, strength and appearance between approximate natural granite prefabricated synthetic granite slabs. The utility model not only effectively utilizes the waste of natural granite and stone, but also reduces the production cost of the synthetic granite.