Bologna Italy Ceramic Bathroom Exhibition, Ceramic Imitation Marble Behind The Show

Bologna Italy ceramic bathroom exhibition, ceramic imitation marble behind the show

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Today is the third day of Bologna Ceramic Sanitary Ware Exhibition held in Italy. Known as "ceramic ceramic industry Oscar" said the Italy Bologna ceramic sanitary ware exhibition industry, every year attracts people in all areas to make light of travelling a thousand li exhibition. Many of them are in the stone industry. And this "Italy Bologna ceramic bathroom Exhibition" also attracted our attention, not for ceramics, but "ceramic behind the marble imitation show."".

Yesterday, Beijing time 21:07 at night, specially went to visit the stone monk Liu Liang, in his circle of friends to update his personal stroll exhibition experience:

"Has not participated in the bathroom Exhibition for two years, this specially drove three hours from Milan to watch the Bologna bathroom exhibition, originally planned for a whole day, almost a morning to read, and a little disappointed.". Can not help but think of tile is not entered into a cycle of no solution the original 11 imitation wood, imitation cement, imitation wallpaper, now both a small card all imitation stone, the stone like than who painted, more natural than who have a way to go to the imitation of imitation, nearly impossible to find the true self. Fortunately, we saw our stone counterparts in Italy: Stop, fake, Choose, natural!"

Bologna Italy Ceramic Bathroom Exhibition, Ceramic Imitation Marble Behind The Show

Bologna Italy Ceramic Bathroom Exhibition, Ceramic Imitation Marble Behind The Show

Bologna Italy Ceramic Bathroom Exhibition, Ceramic Imitation Marble Behind The Show

Italy – Bologna ceramic sanitary ware exhibition exhibits

While many stone friends sent from the online exhibition of pictures, as well as the online platform to release the information on the exhibition also shows that the Bologna Ceramic Sanitary Ware Exhibition in many ceramic enterprises are the main push of imitation marble products, and this phenomenon as early as two years ago, Bologna ceramic sanitary ware exhibition will be tracked.

We spent a few months doing a lot of research into the beginning and development of ceramics in imitation of stone. We found that the imitation marble was not just simple, just like marble surface. Marble unlimited potential in the consumer market, technology evolution in the Spurs ceramic enterprises "from the outside to the inside like marble, marble or even reduction. Using the natural effects of marble to enhance the high-end value of its products, ceramic enterprises have become the same goal, directed at the home market. And as imitators, is the stone industry able to see the information hidden behind the parody?

Since the beginning of marble tile, appeared in the end consumer groups, as well as stone people in the field of vision? This problem, perhaps stone people also have no way to speak of. However, the potential of marble in the home market, the ceramic industry may have been more clear than the stone industry.

"Chase" marble imitation show

The ceramic industry imitates marble textures, not a trend, but a phenomenon that has always existed.

April 20, 2013 is a day worth remembering in the ceramic industry. On this day, the first marble tile forum was held in Foshan porcelain sea international ceramic trading center. The contents of the forum should conform to the specified environment as the marble tile "name", from the perspective of the industry to establish a marble tile category, the popularization of marble tile concept in the industry, a new milepost intended for development of marble tiles.

Bologna Italy Ceramic Bathroom Exhibition, Ceramic Imitation Marble Behind The Show

The first marble tile forum site

It was also in this year, is called the "revolutionary" new tiles – marble tiles, a time to become aware of the ceramic industry to save from the mire of straw, the ceramic industry launched a "marble tile" trend, re ushered in the spring, dynamic renewal.

In the fall of 2014, ceramic tiles became a popular product of the fair, which was sought after by many consumers. In the ceramic industry suffered "winter", the market downturn situation, many ceramic enterprises have introduced marble, ceramic tiles and other natural stone texture of ceramic tile products, as a new profit point of market sales.

Marble tiles, however, did not exist until 2013. In fact, before this, imitate marble tile to already show signs on the market, just can not be compared with today technically. "Ceramic products are industrial products, the appearance of color is always based on imitation, such as grain leather, imitation wood, of course, as one of the most abundant texture, digestive the biggest, is the texture of marble." A professional engaged in the ceramic industry for many years, in the analysis of why marble will become the object of imitation of ceramic products, said. Italy – Bologna ceramic sanitary ware exhibition exhibits

Bologna Italy Ceramic Bathroom Exhibition, Ceramic Imitation Marble Behind The Show

Bologna Italy Ceramic Bathroom Exhibition, Ceramic Imitation Marble Behind The Show

Bologna Italy Ceramic Bathroom Exhibition, Ceramic Imitation Marble Behind The Show

In early 2007, Jane, Kroraina, Tengda, Marco Polo began to research fully polished glazed (marble tile predecessor) and after the success of surface texture of polished glazed ceramic products is series process for imitation marble texture made of marble, and itself is not only high-end building materials, excellent surface texture, also can reflect the the space of the United States, was launched to cater to the demand of many consumers. But since the 2009 launch of Gani ceramics real marble tiles of this category, beginning in 2010, more and more enterprises to enter the field of ceramic tile marble; in 2012, many new brands or re positioning of the brand has played the "marble tile" slogan; since 2013, marble tiles of this category of more and more fast, into the development of the "highway". In 2014, the popularity of marble tiles, as well as the popularity of advanced projects, the rate continues to rise. By January 2016, according to incomplete statistics of the ceramic industry media, there were only more than 30 enterprises in Foshan which introduced marble tiles, and the number of brands was no less than 100. More data pointed out that, as a rising star "marble tile", about 10% of the share of the tile consumer market, in the home market, the market share is closer to 30%. At present, marble tile has become many enterprises to open up the terminal market of main products, marble tile production growth, also let it become a major category of ceramic industry.

It can be said that the ceramic industry imitate marble texture is not a trend, but the phenomenon has always existed. The unlimited potential of natural marble in the high-end consumer market attracts ceramic enterprises have to "who can imitate the true meaning of stone, who is likely to become the market" as the goal, started a "chase" marble imitation show.

Who can imitate the true meaning of stone, who may become king of the market

Marble texture and luxury decorative effect, so that tiles from "dead" to "live", giving the tile more spiritual.

Bologna Italy Ceramic Bathroom Exhibition, Ceramic Imitation Marble Behind The Show

Bologna Italy Ceramic Bathroom Exhibition, Ceramic Imitation Marble Behind The Show

Bologna Italy Ceramic Bathroom Exhibition, Ceramic Imitation Marble Behind The Show

Marble tile is a marble surface characteristics of ceramic tiles, following the tiles, polished tiles, antique tiles, ceramic stone tile and a tile new class, the preliminary definition of it, mainly from the decorative appearance characteristics of products, make the decoration effect gradually approaching the natural stone using inkjet printing technology.

Now, however, it's not just as simple as marble.

In March 28th this year, Jane released a new marble tile in the ninth generation of marble tile new listing conference, said the real implementation of the product texture and so on, before and after the three-dimensional extension, more like a table, to restore the natural marble from the inside to the outside, not only applicable to the down side, grooving, grinding and other conventional arc processing also, can be applied to the staircase, kitchen corner and other space three-dimensional modeling.

This is not only an example of the emergence of slab, marble tiles etc. that socialization system category is gradually marble tile series, involving marble tile product areas are expanding, ceramic enterprises are constantly enrich all kinds of marble tile products, marble tile and natural marble between the gap is gradually narrowing. Many terminal actual case feedback, along with the marble tile application domain unceasing expansion, has substituted the natural stone application in many places, has increased the designer's choice.

And the Italy Bologna ceramic bathroom exhibition, the major ceramic brands launched products, but also delivered such a message.

Italy – Bologna ceramic sanitary ware exhibition exhibits

In the high-end consumer groups, stone is true love

The development of ceramic products, on the way to imitate marble can be found, why ceramic enterprises in imitation of natural marble but have not stopped, "who can imitate the true meaning of stone, who is likely to become the market for light, and kings" through various methods to restore the natural marble, only one reason – in Jiezhuang market, natural marble has attracted more and more home owners and designers, their eyes become a symbol of high-end building materials.

Bologna Italy Ceramic Bathroom Exhibition, Ceramic Imitation Marble Behind The Show

Whether it is the ceramic industry early step, or the stone industry in hindsight, confirms the fact that natural stone as the high-end building materials, by the end consumer more and more.

In many years of experience in ceramic industry, Tu Zhi smart seems that with the development of the times, consumer demand for ceramic products are changing. But after all, ceramic tile to imitate the realistic target, "natural stone, still, through a variety of online and offline marketing means to high-end consumer groups output marble tiles of the" natural "information, imperceptibly close, mainly to show consumers stone texture beauty love.

Natural marble, after thousands of years of geological movement, nature in the process of rock qualitative changes in the formation of ever-changing textures. These texture trends and topography consistent, ups and downs, high and low, strewn at random. Each piece of natural stone rock has a different cross-section, and this nature is difficult to simulate.

According to the defects in the ceramic industry has been emphasizing the natural stone, the stone industry in the rapid development of technology, and with the processing equipment, intelligent and diversified, can be achieved in the process of the form of products more and more, using a wider range.

Do end consumer products

Face up to the problems between the two industries, open the mind, take the initiative and embrace more possibilities.

Despite the irreplaceable marble, but in the face of imitation marble products step by step, no matter which point of view, stone people should always maintain a sense of crisis.

Of course, from the current point of view, the value of high-end natural marble and natural style as the gift of nature to give the stone industry, ceramic industry, marble tile incomparable, the ceramic industry also has a lot of natural stone composition in the process to discredit the promotion of. But along with the technical strength of production innovation progress, marble tile products system continue to improve, a large area of widely spread and development, today is the imitation marble ceramics, and more and more "true", then what is it? From another point of view, even without comparing with the ceramic industry, the stone industry itself also has many places to be improved. Under the premise of reverence for the grace of nature, we should take a correct view of the high-end consumption power of stone".

In fact, the ceramic imitation of marble constantly updated, but also highlights the importance of the product. In the future, whether it is ceramic or stone industry, we need to make innovations in products and services, and constantly introduce new products, new technologies and perfect service system. The healthy development of the home improvement industry needs good competition in different market segments. China stone two industries, only in a fully competitive environment and can work closely together, home improvement industry to maintain a healthy and stable development, in order to allow consumers to maximize the protection of interests.

In the final analysis, whether it is ceramic or stone, as the two major categories of building materials, the ultimate goal is to serve consumers, especially in the home market. Under the principle of fair competition, the main focus is on the end consumer, and they study what products they really need and dredge up the cognitive congestion in the process.

With a new round of consumer upgrades coming for a new generation of high-end users, not only to make them recognize the basic knowledge of natural stone, more important is to pass this kind of stone stone culture and way of life.

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