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Care And Maintenance Of Artificial Stone Sinks

Precautions for use

(1) Do not place high-temperature objects directly or permanently on artificial stone washstands.

(2) Do not use sharp objects on the artificial stone sink.

(3) Keep the surface of artificial stone sinks as dry as possible.

(4) Prevent the harsh chemicals from coming into contact with the surface of the artificial stone sink.

Care and maintenance

Remove most stains and swags: wash with soapy water or ammonia-based cleaners (eg detergents)

Removal of scale: Remove the scale with a damp cloth and wipe it with a dry cloth.

Remove knife marks, burn marks and scratches (Method 1) If the surface finish is matte, use 400-600 mesh sandpaper to polish until the knife marks disappear, then use

Detergent and Pak cloth return to their original state. (Method two) If the surface finish is required to be a mirror surface, first polish it with 800-1200 mesh sandpaper, and then

Use polishing wax and wool polishing ring to polish at 1500-2000rpm low-speed polishing machine, and then clean the countertop with a clean cotton cloth.