From Stone Products To Stone Lifestyle, Stone Seems To Be The Direction Of Efforts.

From stone products to stone lifestyle, stone seems to be the direction of efforts.

Some time ago, I read an article written by a master character. It was very impressive. His words: "enterprises sell products are not standardized, not cheap products, but the way of life or experience. Customers do not need cheap products, customers need to change or enrich their lifestyle and life content, access to new or different life experience."

From Stone Products To Stone Lifestyle, Stone Seems To Be The Direction Of Efforts.

The Fujian Provincial People's Congress deputy director Liu Qunying line to British good research group

Prior to this, Liu Liang said, "from blocks to stone products, stone products from stone to stone stone from space to space, way of life, seems to be the direction of the stone man." It is not difficult to see, the stone monk is not so sure, "is not really so?" Liu Liang is not sure, but he has been down-to-earth on this road, step by step practice.

"Stone lifestyle", which is still a fresh word in the stone industry. Most products need to have some basic functions, such as logical ability, expression ability, tool use ability and so on. In my opinion, in the stone industry, the most lack of stone products is the understanding of life, and this is also the core of the product. Of course, from scratch, this is a process of time accumulation.

Reasons: for the quality of the price than the consumer trend has become mainstream

A recruitment network recently released "China's cutting-edge middle class research report" once again defined China's cutting-edge middle class groups. After the survey of nearly 50 thousand professionals, the report defines 10-50 annual salary groups as "new middle class"". In the "melon eating crowd" have compared to their list, while the "middle class" is also once again attracted widespread attention. With the rise of the middle class and continue to expand, they not only in the workplace has become the backbone of take charge as chief of, the consumer market, and has a great influence on the whole society consumption trend.

As for the middle class, as consumption increases and per capita disposable income increases in a positive proportion, it promotes greater emphasis on personal tastes and standards of family life. At the same time, in the workplace training and early precipitation, its perspective and scope has been greatly expanded, understanding and demand for life has been further improved, the product quality has been gradually replaced by the price, has become the first element of consumption.

Because of this, the term "cost performance" is still being carried out, but it has been gradually diluted. Instead of "focus on quality", "design" and "experience" and "brand spirit" and other words frequently enter the attention of consumers, "the price ratio" has become a public concern for brands.

From Stone Products To Stone Lifestyle, Stone Seems To Be The Direction Of Efforts.

▲英良五号仓库梵 | 境系列之锦瑟华年

Therefore, with Liu Liang, "we are not just selling stone products, we are advocating a stone way of life" this sentence, the author concluded that, No. five warehouse Tibet Museum has the connotation of the brand of these products, even if there is no absolute price advantage, but enough to make many spending power users for the "grass" chop hand ".

Good English / No. five warehouse | Vatican territory of the series in the bloom of youth

Writer Wu Xiaobo said, he witnessed Chinese buy toilet lid, hair dryer and knives from Japan, pointed out that the current China consumers have increasingly rational, 150 million middle class willing to for a good and beautiful product price to pay, yield quality price ratio phenomenon increasingly prominent.

This phenomenon, to say, proves the correctness of current Chinese proposed the policy of supply side reforms, it is for the good service consumption ability and the growing middle class, entrepreneurs will pay more attention to the small artisan spirit, is speaking, as an entrepreneur you don't need to please others, as long as you do your products.

Trend: deliver a good lifestyle concept with excellent products

It is always distinguish between fundamental and every entrepreneur should first clear, otherwise it will bring the enterprise into the lost. What consumers experience is feelings, but the feeling of leaving the product itself is not, and that is dreaming. Product is fundamental, feeling is manifestation. Without the function of the product, this kind of experience is the water without the source, without the root.

Walk around the big stone market, and you'll find a lot of shoddy products. Twenty or thirty, the history of the industry tells us that only those enterprises which seriously treat products as one thing can really survive and develop to this day. In short, these are the makers of quality products, and their spring is coming.

From Stone Products To Stone Lifestyle, Stone Seems To Be The Direction Of Efforts.

From Stone Products To Stone Lifestyle, Stone Seems To Be The Direction Of Efforts.

At the moment, "Internet plus artisan spirit" has become the basic features, all Chinese industry Wu Xiaobo pointed out that "the future competition will usher in an age of enlightenment, that is to return the product itself." In the stone industry, to every one of the blocks, each piece of plate, each piece of stone products, all the products should be presented as to the way of life.

Replace the cold stone industry, caused by its natural marble statue of Home Furnishing brand – Pu, into a design and emotional thick life aesthetics, and to the United states. In shaping the brand image of the rich affinity at the same time, with native stone and natural love of family life, is committed to providing Home Furnishing aesthetic integrated solutions for consumers, this is a pure life commitment of pu.

From Stone Products To Stone Lifestyle, Stone Seems To Be The Direction Of Efforts.


The flagship store of Pu int.

Look at the British good recently produced the "stone of beauty" promotional products, a combination of mountains and rivers, the seasons of nature Trolltech magnificent, a perfect fit with the natural grain of its Amazon green, lotus pond, Furlong Ming Go, snow fox four series of twelve marble, showing the beauty of the mind. According to the British group brand director Gao Yi introduced, the film concept of "one stone, one world, we are together", in order to arouse people's respect for natural ecology and attention.

Once the film was launched, the stone circles of friends were forwarded to share. Just out of school to take over the family business said Wang Shi, the design from him, when he saw the stone industry has so exquisite high quality propaganda films, but also very happy feeling, have a brilliant future of the stone industry. In the industry view "Yang, promo creative and standing on the height of the public show ingenuity, of course English good enough product gas is very strong, this type of marketing is creative in the market is also very strong."

Regression products are not creative, but creative. Creativity does not come from nothing. Although there is a relatively independent way of thinking, the source must be based on the product of the enterprise, not the other. Regression products are not negative marketing, but marketing has a strong foothold. In order to control marketing channel, sinking and terminal to grab the consumer's purchase, the completion of the final finishing.

The future can be predicted, there will be more and more stone enterprises in market development ideas, from the past emphasis on marketing to improve its competitiveness through technological innovation, the concept of transfer wonderfull life way with excellent products.

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