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How to pay wet method

Pay attention to the following aspects when applying the wet method:


(1) The stone itself is rich in pores. Under the same water content, generally the pores are not developed, and the dense water stains (spots) of the stone are not obvious, while the American white hemp water stains (spots) are obvious;


(2) The selection and use of protective agent are incorrect;


(3) The moisture content of the bottom cement is too high during paving;


(4) The cleaning process is unreasonable, so that a large amount of water penetrates from the surface of the stone and leaks into the cement layer at the bottom of the stone from the joint.


As the water in the bottom layer evaporates upwards, salt accumulates in the stone and the surface layer, and it is easy to form a large crystal water phenomenon, which is often referred to as a stone disease with water stains (spots) that are not dry, and it is difficult to treat it.