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How To Remove White Marble Infiltrated Stains

How to remove white marble infiltrated stains?

Release time: 2006-04-20 Author: China Stone Network


Bathroom marble stains removal method

Solution 1:

Stone products are recommended, such as concentrated concentrated detergents, with a pH of around 10.5. These products break down the organic contamination of the stone surface and remove the surface protectant. If necessary, the cleaning agent can be mixed with the cleaning powder to prolong the reaction time of the compound and to adsorb the stain into the paste. Before using the compound, test small areas, such as the corner, and ensure that the stone surface is not covered with dark flower marks. Removal of minor scratches is relatively simple, with a lot of polishing powder on sale. However, when polishing powder is used, most of them need to be used in conjunction with a polishing machine or a single eraser.

Solution two:

Recommend the use of liquid medicine, the best is the two component of the enzyme cleaning agent, it can penetrate the stone bottom, and dirt and dust filter to the surface. Enzymes are especially effective for vegetable stains. This kind of cleaning agent can be purchased from the high quality stone cleaning agent.

If this method is not effective, it is recommended that the solution of the enzyme detergent be mixed with the cleaning powder until a viscous paste similar to peanut butter is formed. Apply a mixture of cream to the contaminated area. Cover with plastic film and wrap it around with adhesive tape. Keep the reaction time from 24 to 72 hours, and then scrape the dried ointment with a small bamboo board. Repeat it if necessary. Once the pollution be removed, with the penetration of protective agent to protect the stone, to avoid being polluted again.

If there is a scratch on the marble surface with a stain, it needs to be polished. The selection of abrasive powder construction needs to determine, there may be brick and clay, coal cinder, sandpaper or emery. The process may be complex, so it is advisable for professionals to handle it. To be clear, for some of the 305 X 305 X 10mm specifications of the plate, high heels damage may also go deep into the stone, it may be difficult or almost impossible to polish off scratches. In this case, it is better to consult with experts.

Solution three:

The stains on the stones around the tub and on the edge of the window should be in the form of marble that has never been protected or improperly maintained. Since a mild detergent is not effective, we recommend using a neutral detergent to blend the powder into a sticky mixture of mud, applying the paste to the stone surface, and then rubbing it with a nylon pad. Powder in which the role of an abrasive similar to help to remove the surface of the stubborn stains. If this method does not work, it is recommended that the alkaline detergent be mixed with clay powder to form a strong detergent solution, and the rest of the operation is described above.

When it comes to scratches on the ground, it is recommended that professionals be asked to see the scene and re – grind the marble surface. Since RE polishing and polishing usually require the use of liquid or powder products, or emery polishing pads, professionals are required to perform the best results. May inquire to the local stone manufacturer or the dealer, asks it to recommend the more well-known stone conservation product, and deals with the specialty.

Bathroom stone yellow solution

Tile in the use of the process often appear loose, fall off and other problems, because the current cement paste used cement mortar bond fastness is not enough, and for a long time in a humid environment, so easy to loose and fall off. There is a method, using resin type adhesive paste ceramic tile, the strength can not only reach or exceed the tile body strength, and long-term in the damp environment, also won't cause fall off

The bathroom tiles are greasy, rust, soap scum and smear to maintain porcelain face clean without damaging the porcelain surface is bright, can use multifunctional decontamination ointment clean. As for tile gap, you can use a brush dipped in a little decontamination cream to remove dirt, and then brush a waterproof agent at the gap can be, so that not only can prevent water seepage, and can prevent mold growth. It is worth mentioning that, at present, a large number of clean disinfectants used in the family contain chemicals such as acids and bases which have a great influence on the natural stones, which adversely affect the color of the stone surface and the internal mineral composition. Particularly serious is that most of the cleaning agent must react in stone material surface for at least five minutes before there are results, however at this time the cleaning agent has been destroyed stone, so the stone surface should be used to clean the bathroom cleaning agent for neutral pH.

Acidic cleaner can remove the clean surface of lime and cement stains, scale and toilet often stubborn urine stains, metal oxide stains, such as acid cleaning agent.

Alkaline detergent can remove all kinds of animal and vegetable grease stains and mechanical oil pollution, and can remove the wax layer on the ground. Such as special oil cleaning agent, strong wax water and so on. If the acid base detergent is used improperly, it will damage the surface of the cleaner to some extent, and even cause damage to the skin or the eyes of the user, except for the waste of detergent. Therefore, we should pay attention to the following when using acid base detergent:

To understand its purpose and taboos, you should read the instructions carefully before use, or consult the supplier for instructions on how to use them.

Should first sample test in an inconspicuous place before use to confirm the premise will not cause harm to the use of cleaning materials in accordance with the dilution ratio of true to dilute the cleaning solvent work wear work gloves, goggles when necessary.

Avoid skin or eye contact with detergent, cleaning agent stay on the surface of cleaning, the time should not be too long, after use, clean with water.

Not used on surfaces sensitive to acids and bases, such as certain detergents, which destroy marble, glass, metal and other surfaces.