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The Stone Industry Utopia — Laizhou Great Stone Industry Base

The stone industry Utopia — Laizhou great stone industry base

Release time: 2017-09-28 Author: China Stone Network

China stone mining and processing industry from the way near the original go up to now, it has been a rough.


In the current climate, this huge monster and head into the trough.


More of the following reasons:


1, some mercenary practitioners seek to make money, no limit compression cost, disregard the situation in general, Shajiquluan, caused by vicious competition in the market early to meet the eye everywhere, the saturated state, but also led to the ecological environment, industry integrity, public morality and other aspects of the damage.


2, social development, engineering construction standards with the increase, of stone demands from many, cheap, wide evolution to fine, odd, new stage. Traditional factory products have been slow to keep pace with market demands.


3, environmental remediation activities with vigour and vitality to make the majority of the traditional companies have to be taken by surprise.


Effect of these reasons, the domestic stone industry bosses are classified as three types of imperceptibly team strength and vision: a rainy day, there are prepared in advance, slightly adjusted and go on a regular, still keep cool; mindless, timeserver to stop all actions, on the sidelines, on tenterhooks, worry about personal gains and losses, loss of family; the team found the workshop has been unable to follow the crowd, sighed after the fish in troubled waters, not willing to let go, to find another life.


Restore justice, fog road now, we can easily find the way to the future of stone industry:


1, full and efficient use of the resources, the introduction to the current market products.


2, internal rectification, to create a clean, efficient and Xieliqixin working environment.


3, broaden their horizons, and find other control line.


Of course, the number of, industry team is definitely to be compressed, a huge waste of resources caused by industry team let us suffer to feel the pain, we may wish to refer to the current sharing mode?


Several, even dozens of stone processing enterprises simply merge together, making normative treaties feasible, sharing resources, equipment paid sharing, set the business can be shared.


Imagine: there is such a place, a set of dust removal, separation and other environmental protection facilities are at the leading level, dozens of sets, hundreds of sets of mining and processing equipment are very advanced, hundreds of thousands of employees, each of which can give full play to his role, any stone orders, here you can get a fast and perfect finish…… All this, if split, will multiply costs and difficulties.


Laizhou great stone, as a person with breadth of vision ready enough space for development, relying on the superior geographical position, with environmental protection, safety production facilities, is currently able to accommodate more than a dozen large and medium-sized enterprises have been settled, and several influential peer industry reached a cooperation intention, is expanding capacity, ready to build at this stage the largest share of the stone base.


After the completion of base, will be divided in various professional areas, each department is responsible for the supplementary. In addition to sand saw, circular saw, special, new materials, sculpture and other projects can be completed here here will get twice the result with half the effort, with shared existing customer resources, relying on the base of advantage, with a variety of effective means, and constantly open up the domestic market, to join the family members can windfall profits.


! Come here, you just have to do what you are good at, pre – and follow-up work will be given to you and help you.


! Here you don't have the anxiety in the trifles own what's needed, you just mentioned, its own professional team for you to solve all kinds of problems.


! Here, you will earn more capital and time for yourself, complete your family and social responsibilities, and enjoy the beautiful life you have dreamed of.


Laizhou Geruite, to do first belongs to the stone industry utopia!




Brief introduction of Laizhou great stone stone market


One of the three large stone industry base, China Geruite stone market is located in the famous China stone – Shandong province Laizhou zuocun Town, north of the International Convention and Exhibition center. The surrounding stone processing enterprises have more than 3000 stone, 150 thousand employees, stone sales staff of nearly 30 thousand people, the market can influence all over the country and overseas more than 50 countries and regions.


Great convenience in transportation: distance Ukraine high-speed entrance less than 10 kilometers, the nearest port less than 40 kilometers. Near the market Shun Feng, Tong, tact, Shen Tong, rhyme and other logistics companies have set up branch line, otherwise, the Comprehensive Distribution Department more than 10, can guarantee: here the traffic conditions sufficient to meet the requirements of customers.

The market covers an area of 150 thousand square meters, is divided into 10 functional areas: 1, imported marble trading area; 2, the transaction area 3, imports of granite; imported block trading area; 4, stone art carving area; 5, granite, quartz stone, stone machinery trading area; 6 trading area; 7, blocks and slabs trading area; 6, curtain wall engineering supporting area; 9, stone processing area; 10, the business district office.


Market in addition to a high standard, perfect matching of the stone sawing processing pipeline (workshop area of 50 thousand square meters, can provide a full set of stone processing services, annual production capacity can reach about 1000000 square meters, special plates) for processing is not in the original factory to the resident enterprise ready: semi-finished processing area (single circular area, multi circular area, sand saw, surface treatment area (area) the polished surface processing area, surface area, surface processing and other fire processing zone), finished cutting area (plate cutting area, cutting area, other products) different types of processing zones (engraving processing zone profile machining area, various) the flow of work needed in the production process of stone etc.. Here you can do more of the stone work you need.


Market was founded at the beginning, on the set of "high start, comprehensive planning, China North become the largest import and export of blocks and slabs trading center, has become the most potential China north only and no risk and high returns in the direction of the stone market". In accordance with the direction of the market, with Italy, Spain, Iran, Egypt, Turkey, India, Brazil, Pakistan and other more than 20 large stone to reach a long-term cooperation intention, so far there are more than 100 varieties of stone settled great international stone market.


With a full range of domestic and international trends in the current national environmental governance climate at the same time, great innovation in the international market and constantly improve themselves under the premise of the implementation of the following measures:


1, to strengthen ties with the world each country's main producer of stone, stone resources to ensure supply. At the same time develop Africa, Southeast Asia and other countries of stone resources, so that no one I have, people have my refined realm.


2, and an important stone home in Beijing, Tianjin, demand for business in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Henan, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia, Hebei, Henan, Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Ningxia and other provinces and autonomous regions of the long-term cooperation letter of intent, commitment needed by the other stone market can the highest price of the way, enough enough provide goods.


3, with South Korea, Japan, Russia, Eastern European countries, United States, Canada and other stone group of supply and demand docking, enhance the great international stone market in their local influence, and strive to their local stone material demand business long-term cooperation.


4, perfect agent for customs clearance, logistics, bonded, handling all in one service team, all by Gerrit stone market transactions can do the best effect in the shortest time.


Hardware and software facilities 5, complete stone mining, processing, construction, maintenance, bidding and other necessary, let all the stone market participants are always shortcuts, achieve a multiplier effect.


6, the establishment of Chinese stone large window, uninterrupted update content and market trends, establish docking and other well-known Chinese major stone platform: China stone net, Chinese network, global network, networking and other American stone stone. All participants in the market and participating species can be fully displayed on the network.


We will according to your requirements will adjust the content and direction of the market, and strive to meet the reasonable demands of every customers.


All I have to share with you, you can make more resources available here. Gerrit international stone market currently grand investment, as long as you have the pursuit of the stone industry, as long as you have the ability to participate in the stone market resources, the ten areas as you choose, you are welcome to join!


Became a member of the big family of great stone market, you will enjoy the following benefits:


1, settled merchants of all agency procedures: Industry and commerce, taxation, customs clearance, logistics and freight service work have professional market to help you complete.


2, unified investment: market unified external propaganda, cooperation with several major mainstream media, the multi-channel, multi form, omni-directional advertising strategy, the formation of three-dimensional, intensive marketing advertising, increase the visibility and reputation of the stone market.


3, property services market provides 24 hours of security, sanitation and cleaning services for customers, ensure the legitimate rights and interests of businessmen and property, to ensure clean and comfortable environment.


4, expand exchanges: the market of domestic and foreign well-known designers, regularly organize relevant experts, real estate developers, decoration companies to market activities, to discuss the stone culture, stone and stone with market trends and other issues, the grasp of the advanced stone age.


5, perfect service facilities, let the market participate in businesses every day can be healthy and happy work.


6, the cost of preferential measures: investors can choose the venue rental, leasing and shelf agent sales model service agreement. In the Gerrit market commissioned processing merchants, free from handling charges and 3 months rush fee. The processing fee is the same as that of head water and Yunfu.