What Colors Of Onyx

The colors of onyx are mainly white, yellow (honey), brown, pink and green. The most popular are white and honey, the latter with iron oxides added, chemically similar to white onyx. White onyx comes mainly from Persia, while honey-colored onyx is mainly mined in Turkey.

The natural shape of onyx creates its unique and complex design. Under the light, its pattern will become three-dimensional. Reflective onyx panels are a very popular interior design element, especially Yellow Onyx Slabs or brown onyx. They are often used in dimly lit places such as bars and restaurants. However, this panel stands out even in a well-lit room, and its rich style plays a very important role. In combination with appropriate lighting equipment, onyx is often used more successfully, such as lampstands, tabletops, bar counters, windowsills, and steps. Even a small device can make a big difference. Onyx is also commonly used as wall coverings and various stone carving techniques, including bathroom environments and washbasins. It is similar to marble in this regard. In many cases, however, marble and limestone are generally used.

Xiamen For U  natural stone suppliers will recommend the most suitable materials, and will also take into account the technical characteristics of different natural stones. It should be said that onyx is a very delicate natural stone

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