How To Carry Forward The Spirit Of The Centralized Procurement Platform During The Chinese BRIC Year

The Chinese granite in Chinese years to see how to carry forward the spirit of the centralized procurement platform

In 2017, the world's attention because of the "Ninth Meeting of BRIC countries" lock in Xiamen; in 2017, the stone industry's eyes were "in China granite centralized procurement platform" and the locking head; an important node both standing in the past and future, in the "golden brick five" will use various policy tools of economic growth promote, China granite in centralized procurement platform (hereinafter referred to as the granite platform is Jicai) to improve the cooperation platform and everything in good order and well arranged solid all-round, wide-ranging and multi-level cooperation mode. If the BRICs will shake the world order, then the granite platform will also break the conventional Jicai industry, to subvert the traditional model for the granite mine owners to create a hitherto unknown competitive advantage.

In the end, how to break the industry in granite platform routine? What new ideas and propositions are put forward? (granite prices)

The great historical opportunity to deepen cross-border cooperation

Cross border cooperation for a brand, the biggest benefit is that the original irrelevant, even contradictory, contradictory elements, mutual penetration, mutual integration, resulting in new highlights. What is popular is the cooperation between different fields, different industries, different cultures and so on, which leads to a new industry, a new field and a new model. In recent years, the stone circle of the most common words including "cross-border cooperation", at present, the granite platform is to Jicai "open, inclusive, cooperative and win-win" spirit of cooperation to promote the BRIC, cross-border stone industry continues to go, go deep, lead mine granite to find opportunities for cooperation and growth in play the adhesive function of granite Jicai platform.


The granite stone industry service brand Jicai platform as another way of innovation, not only is a chronicle of the stone industry, the whole industry has played a positive role. TA with an open mind to seek development, launch and gather the granite mines, real estate, decorative design company, well-known designers, foreign trade operators, wholesalers, stone processing enterprises, and the introduction of industry associations and financial institutions; with an open attitude, innovative and effective help mine out of the woods, the establishment of stone application Planning Institute financial products and real estate division, to achieve zero inventory, reduce costs, improve the housing prices mine material waste, improve product quality operating mode.


In the granite platform provides a showcase for the granite mine, TA hopes to help to achieve the win-win cooperation in granite mine goal, TA is the pursuit of mutual benefit and win-win progress and the stone industry. Therefore, TA is a granite miners tailored to 40000 square meters in the sea of ultra large scale exhibition area, and the Joint Reserve yard blocks Yiqun, 1000 Real Estate Company, decorative design company, set 300 mining enterprises at the same time opening, have the advantage of mine enterprises truly realize the "one-stop shopping" long-term direct sales platform.


Based on the platform of granite mining enterprises settled Jicai advantage to create a new platform for common development, and work together to lead the industry with more powerful. The granite platform established Jicai stone application Planning Institute, keep pace with the real estate project, combined with the real estate design department needs timely feedback to the mine, the application from the quarry to the product design, the whole length and quantitative preamplifier, so as to avoid the mine mining, improve the excess yield, shorten the real processing factory real estate construction period.

The granite platform set up "operation system in a real division, for real estate designer zero distance, multi dimension material, special person for the Real Estate Company bigger projects do customized procurement planning, customization, cost savings for Real Estate Company, improve market stickiness, security market granite mine.

At the same time, in order to solve the difficult problem of the industry to return the funds, the granite platform the introduction of specialized banks in financial institutions, and for the miners, Real Estate Company trading authority, professional custom drafts, reach credit financing, to protect the security of mine later to return the funds, effectively solve the miners and merchants short-term cash flow problems, build a the benign development of the industrial district (strong finance reserve).


Granite stone platform to actively guide people to enhance Jicai and win-win consciousness, strengthen brand construction and service work, play a huge influence and radiation platform role, to further promote the healthy development of the stone industry. In the granite platform not only to outshine others, also hope to be able to All flowers bloom together. positive action, through the platform to drive more common development of enterprises, so that the whole industry into the benign competition. This is the gospel of the stone industry, but also the gospel of consumers.

With the opening of cooperation mode of granite platform to further expand and consolidate in the future, will produce linkage effect in a wider scope, and the stone industry continue to inject new vitality. At the same time, based on the head of the richly endowed by nature geographical advantages, the long run, the granite platform will Jicai a stronger voice in the stone industry, and provide more choices and more stage for granite mine owners to carry out cross-border cooperation.

A China largest granite supply chain

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No 365 days never ending Exhibition

Now a 600 thousand square board, 60 thousand cubic blocks long spot

A designer, real estate, foreign trade operators, wholesalers concentrated purchase platform

A long line of Internet marketing platform

A modular, standardized change stone supply chain model

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