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Six Trends Of Stone Industry Development In The Future

Six trends of stone industry development in the future

The time of publishing news industry: 2017 09 month 28 days of the | source: stone enterprise distribution widely distributed in various building materials market, stone market, carve up the market share, while market demand has not kept pace with the cluster expansion, benefits are to be diluted, increased business risk, the downturn in the industry background quickly became the object of industry stakeholders in all aspects.

Part of the store market rent, cost return, obviously some unreasonable, when dealers feel that stores the "food basket" started long thorns, let him Zuowozhenzhan, will start looking for a new terminal mode, the construction of a new "food basket".

After the stone industry, the main trend of the development model, with the stone industry more and more mature, more and more patterns developed. At present, more and more enterprises try new models, in order to open up new markets and seize the opportunity.

1, stone sales network: the network shopping has become common practice in the new concept of consumption, huge market competition, open up the battlefield, will have a broader space for development. At present, in the "Internet plus" under the background of the network as an important tool, more and more enterprises favored stone.

2, stone Supermarket: super big supermarket terminal system will be most effective against the landlord rent on the market, the warehouse, the break point, rebate type of puerile business strategy, giving consumers dominate their consumption patterns and consumer rights feelings. At present 59 yuan stone supermarket is this model reflected, to cheap way into the market.

3, a single product structure Museum: subdivision product lines, the construction of a single product structure, so that consumer shopping more targeted. Such as stone interior decoration, ceramic tile, marble, bathroom product, landscape stone and so on. This is also the stone industry from product diversification into product structure segmentation, diversification of operating methods.

4, brand building: enterprises and dealers together to build, in the future commercial real estate, mainly to stone headquarters. Collect domestic stone famous brands, establish a large number of flagship sites, exhibition halls, experience centers, to build the never ending stone products exhibition. Global stone, such as brand building in Conley has been at the forefront.

5, stone experience Museum: integrated stone experience Museum, introduction of risk funds, to help grasp the pricing power, a comprehensive display of products, enhance the industry threshold. A stone and marble Museum, high stone museum experience more intuitive and effective to allow consumers to experience the stone.

6, brand segmentation: to the association led to building materials, home manufacturing sector, brand segmentation, occupation of the market, the formation of bright spots, manufacturing differences. Marriage alliance and Home Furnishing large building materials stores, overall planning, coordinate mechanism for its design and follow-up management system.

These are the main trends in the development of the stone industry. With the stone industry becoming more and more mature, more and more patterns have been developed.