Natural Panda White Marble

When it comes to colors, black and white are an unbeatable duo. Not only is it an attractive and classic option, but you can easily modify the color of the pieces because black and white work with everything. Panda White Marble is a lovely stone that has grown in favor in recent years. Bring the advantages and beauty of marble countertops to your table with a stunning and unique design that combines black and white.

  • Marble Color: Panda Marble, Chinese White and Black Marble
  • Panda Marble Supplier: FOR U STONE
  • Slab Size: 2400(up) x 1200(up)mm, 2800(up) x 1600(up)mm, etc.
  • Thickness: 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, etc.
  • Surface: Polished, Honed, Leathered, Antiqued, Brushed, etc.
  • MOQ: 100-300 SQM
  • Application: Indoor/Outdoor Decoration, For floor or wall, Counter tops, Vanity tops


Stunning Panda Marble Slabs For Tiles and Countertops

Natural Panda White Marble is sourced from China. It is termed a panda due to its white backdrop and prominent black veins. This stunning contrast makes it a one-of-a-kind and ideal choice for people seeking the timeless beauty of marble. Panda White Marble may be utilized on a variety of different surfaces. The majority of customers like this material for their kitchens since it adds brightness and flair without making a big color statement.

Chinese Panda Marble Stone Supplier | FOR U STONE

-Chinese Traditional Black and White Natural Marble-Panda White available in FOR U STONE 

If you want to acquire a White Panda marble for bathroom and kitchen countertop, we propose simple flooring, smooth walls, and a few ornaments and accents because it will be the focal point of your kitchen. Otherwise, the combination may appear to be overloaded.

Marble panda white has an intense black stripe on a white background that makes this marble memorable and different from other types of marbles. Panda White: Creates a unique image with a beautiful contrast between black and white Panda White Marble can be used alone in artistic contexts or as wall and floor coverings, countertops and bathroom countertops. 

Natural Chinese Panda Marble Sizes Details

Product name: Panda white marble
2. Popular Tile Size
   305 x 305 x 10mm -12″ x 12″ x 3/8″;  457 x 457 x 12mm -18″ x 18″ x 1/2″
   400 x 400 x 12mm -16″ x 16″ x 1/2″;  300 x 600 x 12mm -12″ x 24″ x 1/2″
   400 x 400 x 20mm -16″ x 16″ x 3/4″;  300 x 600 x 20mm -12″ x 24″ x 3/4″
   400 x 600 x 20mm -16″ x 24″ x 3/4″;  600 x 600 x 20mm -24″ x 24″ x 3/4″
  or customized.
3. Popular Slabs Size:
  Strip slabs—(180-300)*(60-90)*2/3/4cm
  Gangsaw slabs—(240-300)*(120-180)*2/3/4cm
 4. Tolerance:
    +/-0.5mm for 1cm thick tiles
    +/-1mm or 1.5mm for the thickness of more than 1cm
5. Product thickness: 10-60mm or as per your requirement
6. Colour: Beige, White, yellow, Black, Red, Green, Blue, Grey, Brown, based on samples.
7. Surface:Polished, flamed, Honed, Sandblasted, Brushed, Bushhammered, Grooved, etc.
8. Usage: wall tile, wall cladding, floor tile; and also used for airports, metro, shopping malls, hotels.
9. Price terms: FOB Xiamen port or any China port, CNF, CIF
10. Payment terms: T/T or L/C at sight, and Western Union or other payment negotiated by both of us. 
11. Inspection: 1).Detailed process photos with measures will be sent for your confirmation
                    2).Welcome to our factory personally for inspection
                    3).full inspection before every shipment.

Panda Marble Jumbo Slabs Inventory | FOR U STONE 

Panda Marble Slabs   Panda White Marble Polished Slabs

Black and White Panda Marble   Panda White Marble Slabs

Polished panda marble, a selection of blocks produced in quarries in China, gives the elite area a privileged feel with its white floors. Offering the benefits of the timeless spirit of white, this choice is one of the preferred choices of Panda White architects who are able to combine marble with art.

Panda Marble Cut-to-Sizes and Countertops 

Book Matched Panda Marble Tiles and Countertops | FOR U STONE

-Book Matched or Vein Matched Designs of Panda Marble is a timeless effect for any interior space.

Panda white marble tile is especially good for wall and floor applications, fountains, custom carvings sculptures, countertops, vanity tops, stairs and other design projects.

Other Black and White Marble Colors for Coming Projects | FOR U STONE 

Marble is a material that has long been linked with a refined and delicate look. Marble is commonly utilized in modern and upmarket homes, lending it a refined appearance. Marble’s aesthetic, particularly in black and white pairings, simply matches any style or décor in your house. A black and white marble may easily fit into any interior design scheme. If you like, you may go totally neutral or add a splash of color with an accent piece or curtain. You may also add a dark black stool to emphasize and differentiate the interior space.

Nero Marquina Marble Slabs   Nero Marquina Marble Tiles

-Chinese Cheapest Black and White Marble-Nero Marquina 

Nero Marquina Marble Slab is widely used for interior wall cladding and building materials. It has excellent cutting performance and matches well with different room decorations. Nero Marquina Black Marble from China has excellent elastic limit, adapts to different arcs, and is not easily deformed or cracked in various environments.

Black Nero Marquina Marble is perfect for indoor floors, walls and stairs. The split skin panel is also excellent. This famous black and white Chinese marble can be used as a countertop or countertop, or as a prominent feature in your home, such as a fireplace, or even as a coffee table. The beautiful decorativeness of this black marble means it looks impressive whether you use it for walls, floors, stairs, or for fountains and pools.

Antique Grand Marble Slabs   Grand Anitque Black Marble Slabs

-Luxurious Black and White Marble- Grand Antique 

Grand Antique marble is one of the most appreciated marbles in the world, thanks to its white streaks and contrasting dark shades. 

Grand Antique Marble is ideal for a variety of interior and outdoor design projects, including worktops, floor tiles, wall tiles, stairs and risers, window sills, and other projects in hotels, villas, upscale shops, and airports.

Noir Grande Antique Marble, Noir Grand Antique Limestone, Nero Grand Antique Marble, Black Grand Antique Marble, Marbre Petit Antique, Petit Antique Marble, Noir Petit Antique, Petit Antique Bechantillon Marble are all names for Grand Antique Marble.

Black and White Marble Factory | FOR U STONE 

Why Choose Panda Marble From For U Stone

For U Stone offers granite, marble, quartzite, onyx, semi-precious, travertine, limestone and other exotic materials produced directly from our facilities or other family enterprises. In 12 years, we have become a leading resource for homeowners, builders and trade experts seeking natural stone tiles and slabs all over the world.

For U Stone Panda Marble Factory

If you’re interested in our natural panda white marble, welcome to buy the quality products at an affordable price with us. As one of the leading marble manufacturers and suppliers in China, we also support wholesale service. For more info, contact us now.

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