Impala Black Chinese Green Granite Marble Composite with Honeycomb Backing Veneer Panels for Exterior Stone Cladding Panels

Stone Type: granite honeycomb composite pabel
Primary Color(s):green
Country of Origin: china
Variations: Low 
Avaiable Finishes: Polished ,Honed, brushed,flamed, etc
Thickness:18mm, 20mm, 30mm according to requirement


Product Details

impala black china green granite composite with a honeycomb backing for wall cladding panel and kitchen countertops


What is composite tile?

Ultra-thin stone composite board is bonded by two or more different plates with adhesive. The surface material is a natural stone, and the base material is ceramic tile, stone material, glass, or aluminum honeycomb. 

Honeycomb stone panels originally designed for use in the aerospace industry, the high tech, lightweight honeycomb technology is used to make the lightest, sturdiest panel systems including micro core honeycomb. Honeycomb stone slabs are particularly common in the UK. Our company has also exported a large number of honeycomb stone slabs to many EU countries such as the UK, France, and Germany.

4mm marble with 15mm aluminum honeycomb backer

5mm granite with 15mm aluminum honeycomb backer

4mm onyx with 10mm glass backer

3mm marble with 9mm ceramic backer


Lightweight solution! Only around 21kgs/m2

Thinnest granite veneer panels can be 1mm

Biggest size can be 3000x1500mm

Standard size 2400x1200mm and 1200x600mm,all sizes can be customed

Thin honeycomb granite panels can be used on exterior wall cladding, interior wall, flooring, etc

honeycomb stone panels uk

impala black china green granite composite with honeycomb backing for wall cladding panel and kitchen countertops

impala black china green granite composite honeycomb stone panels uk

Why use the composite tile and the advantage of the composite tile ?

Why use the composite tile and the advantage of the composite tile

Price analysis 

The unit price analysis of composite board: the cost composition of the composite board is much more complicated than that of the whole board. Because of the availability of 1m2 composite 3M2 characteristics, it can save more costs in the panel material, but in the bottom material, glue and other processing are the plate processing cost is high, so the price will play a marble panel key composite board cost.

Generally, the bottom plate is ceramic tile, granite, marble, and the higher the price of the board, the greater the unit price of the composite board, and the greater the gap. The price of Dali stone slabs is about 200 – 300 yuan /m2, and the price of the composite board is almost equal to that of the big board, but it is still cheaper than the price of the specification board. The marble plate price below 200 yuan / m2 composite board made of the unit onboard price slightly higher than the original, because no matter how much is the marble slab price, making the cost of the basic composite plate is fixed, so there will be more than the price changes in the larger situation.

It is not different than the marble composite board is lower than the whole board in the unit price. If the bottom board uses high-grade materials, such as aluminum plate, aluminum honeycomb panel, glass, glass fiber mesh (cloth), carbon plate, and other materials.

One is because of the high price of materials; two is due to the processing technology and processing technology for floor tiles, granite is different and more complex, higher technical requirements, so this kind of composite plate at almost the whole body in the high price ratio.

honeycomb stone panels uk PACKING



Xiamen For U Import and Export Co.,ltd.devoted to the integration of stone resources. we service clients from the quarry, mining to processing trade and market. With extensive cooperation relationships with major marble quarries, we feature masterful talents with decades of experience in raw marble stones, hardworking and passionate stone purchasers, quality inspection, and marketing teams.

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