Blue Agate Nano Glass Artifical Stone Slabs

The Blue Agate Pattern Microcrystalline Stone Slab is a synthetic decorative stone material produced by professional 3D inkjet printing technology. It can be applied to various indoor and outdoor spaces, such as floors, walls, bathroom countertops, etc.

Item: Blue Agate Pattern Nano Glass Crystallized Stone Panel

Crystallized Marble Factory: FOR U STONE

Nano Crystallized Stone Slab Size: 2500x1000, 2400*1600,3000*1600mm

Thickness: 18mm, 20mm

Surface: High Polished, Or High Gloss

MOQ: 100 SQM

Usage: floor tile, wall tile, countertop, vanity top, stair and so on


Blue Agate Like Nano Crystallized Glass Stone Slabs 

Due to its mature processing and synthesis technology, this microcrystalline stone with 3D patterns can closely resemble natural Brazilian blue agate. The high-gloss glaze can make the agate pattern vivid and lifelike. The Nano Crystallized Stone needs to go through a low temperature of 500 degrees Celsius, a high temperature of 800 degrees Celsius, and finally reach over 1200 degrees Celsius. After thorough refining, they become ceramic products.

Nano Crytallized Glass Stone For High End Indoor Floor

-Shopping Malls and Hotel Lobbies prefer to use Nano Glass Crystallized Stone Tiles for lower maintenance cost, and bright the interior spaces as their high gloss surfaces.

Nano Crystallized Glass Stone is widely used in indoor and outdoor walls, floors, columns, countertops, and furniture decoration. It is glossy, soft, and sparkling and is not prone to water absorption or pollution. It is a popular interior decoration material that can elevate the luxury and sophistication of any space. With the use of microcrystalline stone for decoration, a high-end and luxurious effect can be achieved. The unique and exquisite blue agate pattern can add a touch of elegance and style to any room, making it stand out and impress.

Specification of Nano Crystallized Stone 
Nano Crystallized Glass Stone 
Big Slab Size:
2800x1600mm, 3000x1600mm
Cut to size: 
600×600, 400×400, 800×800
610×305, 457×457,305×350
The Thickness
10mm 18mm 20mm 30mm
Wooden Crates or Wooden Bundles
Indoor or outdoor decoration, column, countertop, tile, stairs, etc

In addition to standard large slabs and construction engineering decoration specification covering Tiles, Nano Crystallized Stone products are now also used in more and more indoor spaces, such as background walls, vanity countertop, stairs, and elevator rooms in high-end shopping malls. No complicated maintenance is required, and it can always be as clean as new.

Large Nano Glass Stone Panel Photos 

Blue Agate Nano Glass Stone Panel   High Gloss Blue Agate Crytallized Stone Slabs


 -Professional Nano Crystallized Stone Slabs and Countertop Factory in China.

Blue Agate Like Crystallized Stone   Crystallized Stone Large Slabs

3D Pattern Series like Blue Agate Like Crystallized Stone Slabs are just one color among our full production lines, this kind in unique and customized color designs for our clients. In our Factory, we are offering 2 hot colors of Nano Glass Stone in our Factory. One is Calacatta Marble Nano Crystallized Stone, the other one is Super White Nano Glass Stone.

Calacatta Nano Glass Marble Slabs
Calacatta Marble White Nano Crystallized Slabs | Factory

The Most advantages of Nano Glass Panel:

Its biggest feature is that it has no air holes, no miscellaneous spots, a high gloss, zero water absorption, and can be polished and refurbished. It is suitable for high-end decoration places such as exterior walls, interior walls, floors, columns, bathroom and kitchen countertops.

Pure White Nano Crystallized Vanity Tops
Pure White Nano Glass Vanity Countertop

The surface of the board is smooth and clean, the tone is uniform, the texture is clear and elegant, the luster is soft and crystal clear, the color is gorgeous and bright, and the texture is hard and delicate. Non-absorbent, anti-pollution, acid and alkali resistance, anti-weathering and other high-quality qualities. Such physical properties allow microcrystalline stone products to function as consoles in kitchens and bathrooms. It can reduce the time of daily cleaning and improve the quality of life.

Nano Crystallized Slabs and Countertop Factory 


Nano Glass Slabs and Countertop Supplier

Why choose Nano Glass From FOR U STONE?

1: Environmentally Friendly Technology: Nano Glass is produced using our patented all-electric melting and rolling technology, which is environmentally friendly from the beginning to the finished product. Our process is designed to minimize waste and reduce our carbon footprint, making it an ideal choice for environmentally conscious projects.

2: Excellent Features: Emin Nano Glass is a premium material that offers a range of excellent features, including high strength, durability, resistance to scratches and stains, and a non-porous surface that resists water and bacteria.

3: Wide Range of Products: We offer Nano Crystallized Stone Slabs and Countertops in multiple colors, including ivory, beige, and coffee, with black and red options coming soon. We also offer thin and thick slab options (7mm–17mm) and large slabs up to 3500mm in length.

Our advantage with our own factory:
1. Manufacturers directly with high customized colors and size services
2. With a full set of advanced automatic production lines.
3. All raw materials are strictly selected, 100% green, and non-toxic, and have met the NFS and Green Guard standards.
4. Excellent environmental protection work environment through the China national environmental protection bureau audit.
5. They self-design and have legal intellectual property rights in the Calacatta Marble Look, Super White, and Pure Black series.

FOR U STONE's Crystallized Glass Marble Factory 

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