New China Marble Product Titanic Storm Marble Lava Ocean Marble Slabs

Experience the allure of China's natural beauty encapsulated in the Titanic Storm Marble, also known as Blue Galaxy Marble Slabs. This mesmerising natural stone, a symphony of light grey, dark grey, beige, blue, and white, promises to infuse elegance and sophistication into any space. Now, let us embark on a journey to explore this unique marvel.

  • Chinese Marble Material: Blue Storm Marble Slabs For Indoor Floor and Wall Tiles
  • Size: 2600upx1500 up, 2400upx130up, 2400upx1200up, etc
  • The Thickness: 18mm, 20mm, 30mm
  • Surface: Polished, with Backlit Effects
  • MOQ: 100-300 SQM, or small trail order also available
  • Package: Fumigated strong wooden buddles package.
  • Chinese Marble Factory: FOR U STONE
  • Marble Application: Interior decoration, House floor & wall tiles, Private villas decoration, Shipping mall, Hotel projects, Bathroom design, Wall cladding, Countertop, Shower, Dimensional stone, Flooring.


New China Marble product Titanic Storm marble Lava Ocean marble slabs

In the vast expanse of China’s geological wonders, Titanic Storm Marble, or Blue Storm Marble, stands out like a celestial body. This marvel, sourced from the earth’s depths, mirrors the restless blue seas amidst white and grey skies streaked with hues of brown. An artistic masterpiece, this Chinese Marble dances in different colors according to the lighting, making every glance a unique experience.

Blue Galaxy Marble Slabs convey luxury and timelessness in your indoor areas. It is no longer an insignificant marble slab; it’s a canvas showcasing nature’s abstract art. Its various colorings and patterns create an immersive, dynamic landscape that by no means fails to capture the eye. Every slab uniquely portrays natural artistry, ensuring no two installations are identical.

Galaxy Blue Marble Slabs and Stair Projects-FOR U STONE

-Blue Storm Marble: A Symphony of Natural Elegance

Blue marble slabs are an unprecedented preference for house owners and architects looking for durable, low-preservation, and aesthetically appealing cloth for countertops. This natural marble’s polished appearance and sturdy nature lend themselves to high-visitor interior spaces like kitchens and washrooms without compromising splendor or overall performance.

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She is also called galaxy blue, from Guangxi province, China.

This material shows visual aesthetics, and we do it in a match.

The hardness of this material shows a bright luster, and the degree can reach 100 degrees.

This new marble Titanic Storm marble Lava Ocean marble slabs have two color bases. One is a dark blue tone; the other is a white base tone with brown veins.

Chinese Marble Slabs and Tiles Sizes

Product name

China Guangxi Lava Ocean Titanic Storm Blue Galaxy Marble for Interior Design


60600 cup 1800up x 16~20mm

70700 cup 1800up x 16~20mm

1200up x 2400up x 16~20mm


305x305mm (12″x12″)

400x400mm (16″x16″)

600x600mm (24″x24″)


Stair: (900~1800)x300/320 /330/350mm

Riser: (900~1800)x 140/150/160/170mm


16mm, 18mm, 20mm etc.


Wooden Packing.

Surface Process

PolishePolished, Honed, Flamed, Brushedtomized

 Titanic Storm marble Lava Ocean marble slabs have become increasingly popular for their unique pattern, similar to Italian marble but at a competitive price for stone projects.

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Lava Ocean  titantic storm Marble.JPG

 Marble  titantic storm.JPG

Blue Galaxy Marble is not restricted to countertops; its attraction effects extend to floors, partitions, and coatings. Believe on foot on an oceanic panorama under your toes or experience a serene, cloudy sky for your cells. Its adaptability to distinctive settings, be it a cozy dwelling room or a government boardroom, makes this natural marble a design lover’s pleasure.

Blue Stone Marble Slabs

Blue Galaxy Marble, also called enormous hurricane marble or blue storm marble, offers a unique combo of blues, greys, and whites. This stunning natural stone is quarried in China and is ideal for diverse indoor layout packages.
Usually, Galaxy Blue Marble is a famous preference for countertops because of its dramatic veining and swirling pattern. The stone’s distinct aesthetics make it a favorite amongst designers aiming to create a focal point in kitchens or toilets.
Moreover, it is a fantastic natural building decoration material stone for floor installation. The natural marble stone’s robust nature and styles can remodel any regular space into a realm of luxury and elegance.
Its use isn’t limited to just flooring and countertops. It’s also an excellent choice for interior and exterior wall facades, perfect for characteristic walls or exterior cladding panels. The marble stone can also be used for stairs, window sills, and different layout tasks to create a cohesive and excessive-quit appearance during an asset.
Lastly, Titanic Storm Marble tiles can also be used for ornamental elements like mosaics and fountains. Its natural beauty can contribute to an exceptional ecosystem in any place.

Blue Storm Marble Slabs

Blue Galaxy Marble Slabs

Galaxy Blue Marble Slabs

Elephant White Marble Slabs

Elephant White Marble is a sibling in the circle of relatives of Chinese Marbles. Elephant White brings a serene balance, a dance of evaluation that ignites indoor areas with a colorful yet harmonious energy.

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Natural Marble Factory In China-FOR U STONE

Blue Storm Marble, with its fascinating play of colors, durable nature, and exceptional versatility, offers an array of possibilities to transform any space into an embodiment of luxury and elegance. Embrace the charm of this Chinese Marble and let the journey of design transcend into an unforgettable experience.

Blue Storm Marble Slabs and Tiles Factory-FOR U STONE 

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