Amazon Green Quartzite Slab

In the labyrinth of luxurious stones, the Amazon Green Quartzite stands as an exquisite embodiment of natural beauty and strength, combining stunning aesthetics with unrivalled durability. With a spectral play of colours akin to the lush heart of a rainforest, this verdant variety of quartzite is a testament to the mesmerising beauty of the Amazon basin, transforming every space into a natural oasis.

Exotic Quartzite Factory: Xiamen For U Stone Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.
MOQ: At least 300 square meters
Luxury Quartzite Material: Amazon Green Quartzite, Amazonite Quartzite, Green Exotic Quartzite
Slab: (2200-2600)mm X (1300-1600)mm X 20mm (2200-3200)mm X (1300-1680)mm X 30mm
Tile: 800x800mm, 600x600mm, 300x300mm, 300x600mm

Quartzite Application: Interior decoration, House floor & wall tiles, Private villas decoration, Shipping mall, Hotel projects, Bathroom design, Wall cladding, Countertop, Shower, Dimensional stone, Flooring.


Brazil Amazon Green Quartzite Slab

Unearthed from the heart of Brazil, the Amazon Green Quartzite, known in China’s stone market as 亚马逊绿, is more than just a stone. It’s a slice of nature, captured and refined for architectural and design marvels. Amazon green quartzite slab’s vibrant green base swirls with strokes of silver and grey, resulting in a dream-like aesthetic.

Taking a closer look, Amazon Green Brazilian Quartzite showcases a rich interplay of colour gradients, from subtle blues to intense greens, interspersed with white textural elements that enhance its dynamic appearance. With its outstanding transparency and a silky glass lustre, the Amazon Green Quartzite Polished Slabs become a canvas where light and colour dance together, echoing the ethereal beauty of the Amazonian landscapes.

Amazonite Green Quartzite Luxurious Interior projects-FOR U STONE

The unique double crystal structure of Amazon Green Exotic Quartzite bears an uncanny resemblance to jadeite, so much so that it is often used as a luxurious substitute. This characteristic imbues it with an almost gem-like quality, adding an extra layer of charm and fascination to the stone. Amazon Brazilian Quartzite brings the opulence and exotic beauty of the Amazon into contemporary spaces.

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Basic Info

Model Number: Amazon Green Quartzite Slab Quartzite Factory: Xiamen For U Stone Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.
Surface Finishing: Polished Amazon Green Quartzite Slab Stone Form: Amazon Green Quartzite Big Slab
Place of Origin: Fujian, China Stone Name: Amazon Green Quartzite
Marble Type: Calcite Type: Marble
Name: Amazon Green Quartzite Thickness: 18mm
Amazon Green Quartzite Size: Customized Material: 100% Natural Marble
Surface: Polished Colors: Green
Packing: Wooden Bundles Amazon Green Quartzite Usage: Indoor
Application: Decoration Material 

Standard Sizes of Luxury Brazilian Green Quartzite


Name Brazil Amazon Green Quartzite Slab
Amazon Green Quartzite Size Big Slabs, Cut -to-size, etc. According to your request
Amazon Green Quartzite Usage Kitchen countertop, table top, bar top, wall decoration, etc.
Amazon Green Quartzite Thickness 10mm, 15mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 30mm, etc
Finished Polish Amazon Green Quartzite 
Package Packed in a seaworthy fumigated wooden package


High Quality Polished Exotic Green Quartzite

Amazon Green Quartzite Slabs

Amazon Quartzite Slabs

Amazon Green Quartzite Slab

Luxury Amazon Exotic Quartzite

Amazon Green Quartzite tiles

Amazonite Green Quartzite Slabs


Amazon Green Quartzite tile

Amazonite Quartzite Stone is celebrated for its application diversity. With its premium quality and distinctive appearance, it elevates both indoor and outdoor spaces. From building components to countertops, and from steles to Amazonite Quartzite Tables, this exotic stone is a versatile addition to any high-end decoration project. The Amazon Exotic Quartzite is an apt choice for various spaces including hotels, villas, apartments, offices, hospitals, schools, malls, leisure facilities, supermarkets, warehouses, and even workshops and farmhouses.

FOR U STONE Factory’s Amazon Green Quartzite Slabs hold an excellent reputation for use in a wide range of internal and external applications. Wall panels, floor tiles, stairs, paving, wall cladding, countertops, and vanities come alive with the vivid, nature-inspired patterns of the Amazon Luxury Quartzite. Its versatility shines through in kitchen and bathroom projects, where Amazonite Green Quartzite Countertops and amazonite quartzite slabs become focal points, embodying both elegance and practicality.

Sizes for interior decoration projects can vary, catering to specific requirements and spaces. Standard slab dimensions such as 2600upx1400upx20mm or 2600x600x20mm can be customized to fit every design vision. For countertops, thicknesses of 10mm, 15mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, or 30mm are available, depending on the application requirements. Tiles, on the other hand, can be designed as 305×305mm or 600×600mm, with thickness options of 2.0cm or 3.0cm. Larger vanity top dimensions, such as 25”×22”, 31”×22”, 37”×22”, and 49×22” are also catered to, with thicknesses of 3/4″ or 1 1/4″.

Brazilian Quartzite Slabs and Countertops Factory



Quality ControlAmazon Quartzite Slabs and Countertops Factory

Quality Guarantee
Our quality control division is well-established to implement strict and scientific quality control procedures. (including thickness tolerance, color vary, angle tolerance and finishing face). Relevant records were kept well, which is approved by SGS Auditors.

Delivery, Shipping And Service

Packing and Loading about Amazon Green Quartzite 

 Packaging &Shipping

1) Slabs with wooden bundles;

2) Tiles and other cut to size products with wooden crates or pallet;

3) Pebble stones and stone chips should be packed with PVC or woven bags;

4) All the wooden packaging should be Treated and Marked in compliance with ISPM 15;

5) We can load 18-27tons of goods in one 20-foot container, the cargo weight depends on different countries raw;

6) We can ship the cargos by vessel, truck, train or airplane.


1. What is your delivery time for tiles or slabs?

The time of delivery is usually one week after we receive the deposit.


2. How can you assure that the quality is as good as the pic?    

(1).Our factory has more than 17 years experience in stone carving. With such rich experience, we can make products at any quality level, which will definitely carve your goods 100% according to your requests.  

(2).Before packing, we will send you the pics of every detail. When you say “yes”, will we start packing and transportation? If you think anywhere improper, we can arrange a carver to keep adjusting until you think it is perfect.


3. Can you provide all your catalogue for me?

We have thousands of products, including water fountains, garden statues and other home decorations, such as tiles and slabs, fireplaces, sink and basin, onyx, stone line, countertops, etc.

Please kindly tell me which kind of items you prefer and provide me more information. Then I can recommend it to you accordingly.


4. Can you do the designs for us?

Yes. We have a professional team with rich experience in design and manufacturing. We can manufacture the products according to your requirements.

 Aamzonite Green Brazilian Quartzite Supplier-FOR U STONE

When artistry merges with durability, the result is nothing short of a masterpiece. Amazon Green Quartzite, with its vibrant green tones and shimmering surfaces, fits this description perfectly. Whether used as countertops, wall panels, or floor tiles, this gem of a stone carries an ethereal piece of the Amazon forest into our living and working spaces, enhancing their elegance and vibrancy. With the meticulous craftsmanship of FOR U STONE Factory, Amazon Green Quartzite is not merely a piece of stone but a symbol of luxury, endurance, and the timeless beauty of nature. So, when it comes to choosing a stone for your next project, consider the Amazon Green Quartzite – a slice of the Amazon in your very own space.

If you’re interested in our Amazon green quartzite slab, welcome to buy the quality products at an affordable price with us. As one of the leading Quartzite Slab manufacturers and suppliers in China, we also support wholesale service. For more info, contact us now.

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